The Gammill Premier
quilting machine

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The Gammill Premier sewing head The Premier machine is smallest of the longarm machines in the Gammill product line. It has a throat depth of 18" and a height of 8" and is often referred to as the "18-8". The machine is an ideal size for someone entering into the world of longarm quilting and might be on a restricted budget.

The Premier comes with a long list of standard features, a few of which are listed below. Many of the features found on the larger Classic and Optimum machines are incorporated into the Premier.

For those on a more limited budget, the Premier sewing head is offered on a modified steel stand instead of the pivot access stand at a substantial savings. The sewing head provided in the package with the Home-Pro stand does not have all the electronic features of the Vision Premier machine, but a Vision machine head can be purchased and used on the HomePro table.

The Vision Premier machine is outfitted with many extra performance and convienence features that are a "must have" for the serious longarm quilter. The main feature of the Vision machine is the addition of an electronic stitch regulator which ensures consistent stitch length regardless of how the machine is being moved. The Vision Premier machine also comes with a vertical channel lock and a touch-screen control panel just to name a few. Click this link to see all of the features that are exclusive to the Vision line of machines.

The Gammill Premier Plus quilting machine We offer a line of accessories that can augment your Vision Premier machine:

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